About Us
We are a cryptocurrency investment management firm operating in Melbourne, Australia. Our mission is to offer our clients the cryptocurrency equivalent of legacy equity and commodity funds and give them the opportunity to make informed and intelligent investments in the space.
Initial Coin Offerings
We have access to strategic investor presale discounts and allocations in high demand ICOs, often near impossible to otherwise access.
Qualitative Analysis
We research investments in a variety of cryptocurrencies based on fundamentals and investor sentiment metrics.
Quantitative Analysis
Our team of analysts use mathematical and statistical modelling methods to make shorter term trades and determine ideal entry and exit points for our longer term investments.
Proprietary algorithms lend our exchange holdings to margin borrowers at rates of 10-80% depending on demand.
Related Investments
We also dedicate a small part of our portfolio to blockchain related infrastructure, payment services and technology.
How to Invest
Our fund is currently restricted to directly referred clients only.
Feel free to submit your details below and we will contact you in the event of us opening a fund available to the general public.
Contact Us
Reach out to us for any business inquiry: